When Your Shelter Collapses and You Are Injured

undefinedShelter – one of the basic needs of all human beings. One that protects and shelters us from outside forces beyond our control. Having a “roof over one’s head,” is a fundamental way of giving someone protection and safety. What happens when the very thing that is supposed to provide protection becomes a danger to you and your family? Unfortunately, there are too many unscrupulous landlords more concerned with profit than their tenant’s well-being. This, and an incompetent bureaucracy that is unable to make repairs on time, the very ceiling or roof a person counts on for protection collapses and causes serious and violent physical trauma

Countless times in New York City, in privately owned buildings and in NYCHA’s vast developments, the very roof or ceiling above an innocent person’s head crumbles. Those under that celling no longer have protection. Rather, they only have injuries. Seniors, children, the disabled…….no one is spared, no one can be ready and all too often no one cares.

You have rights!

Fortunately, there are laws that can help a person victimized by a callous or indifferent landlord. And the right lawyer can make all the difference in recovering cash compensation for your injuries. At Segal & Lax, we have for decades obtained recoveries for those who have been the victims of an inadequate or deteriorating ceiling. As the head is often the first part of a victim that the ceiling strikes, injuries from a falling ceiling can be quite severe. These injuries require an attorney with experience with traumatic brain injuries as well as complex courtroom and appellate litigation.

If you receive injuries from a falling ceiling, immediately seek medical attention. Also, if possible, take photographs of the ceiling and debris. Then protect your rights. Call us, we will help you.

Your landlord will not make the same mistake twice.


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